'A Cut Above' Web DesignWhen 'Being First' Matters'Super Fast' Hosting

We call you the best names! Think outside the box We do! Everything to do with our business is innovative. It’s hugely important to choose the right domain name as you may live with it for a very long time to come. So, firstly it needs to be user friendly, and easy on the eye […]

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UNLIMITED hosting IN SPAIN… …and when we say ‘unlimited…’ we mean unlimited! Unlimited, GB of Space. With hosting in Spain, it is particularly difficult to find a reliable service. There are many complexities and pitfalls in website hosting. You need to know what you’re doing! Get it wrong and you could lose everything. We take […]

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SEO = rankings = TRAFFIC   Nearly 14 billion online searches… every month, via Google and others, many of those inspired by SEO in Spain, and with social media sites whose populations rival that of large countries, you can easily see there’s unlimited opportunity for business growth. However, in order to take advantage of these […]

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Social networking

SOCIAL networking is THE FUTURE The wider the circle of customers and individuals you know, the more chances there are that you could increase your business… We use the relatively new phenomenon of social networking as a very cost effective and efficient way of marketing and for targeting new prospective customers. We know that this […]

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We are creative…

We are different…

Web design in Javea - We'll rock your world!

We’ll rock your world…

We’re at war…

Web design in Javea - We're at war with outdated design!

With outdated design…


Amazing websites are here with utterly brilliant web design on the Costa Blanca

… You need a website to be proud of. Looking for web design Javea and surrounding towns? Our web design and build package includes your logo, your typeface and your text, pictures and design elements. The sole objective of any website is to drive new visitors/customers to it, thus generating the potential for new and more business for you. Our on-line marketing techniques will get your site rising up fast in Google.

Our unique and amazing ‘one-stop-shop‘ approach to web design, hosting and SEO, makes life so much easier, allowing you to concentrate on what you know best… which is running your business…

 Top Rankings = More Traffic = Higher ROI

With well over 13 billion online searches every month and social media sites whose populations rival that of large countries, there’s almost unlimited opportunity to expand your business.

It is vital to rank high in the search engines and to take advantage of that opportunity, to utilise social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, and to make sure your website turns visitors into leads and sales. It’s not all just about Google. Even if you have made the front page in your niche, your website must appeal. When we provide web design on the Costa Blanca, we don’t just walk away at the end of it all. We provide the full service.

If you don’t understand how to apply these strategies successfully, then your customers will just not arrive on your site but will go to your competitors instead. If your site design is not appealing, you can lose them as well.

Revolutionary websites now achievable with utterly brilliant web design on the Costa blanca

A unique offer to help push your website into the top ten viewed sites! It all sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well now your website can make one of the top ten spots, every month. Do you know where all your customers went? We do, but more to the point, we know how to get them back…permanently…

So, they don’t read boring ads in newspapers anymore… And they don’t read boring leaflets anymore… or, boring magazine ads for that matter. What they now do is search online, and that’s where we come in…

 Your objectives should be…?

Setting online marketing objectives seems like a simple thing to do, but you really do need to know how ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ or SEO will fit into your overall marketing objectives and budget. Most businesses now find their on-line presence more important than any other form of traditional marketing. Do you know what you want your marketing to accomplish? Don’t just include SEO because everyone else is doing it. Don’t rush into SEO just because you are feeling pressure to get results. Do it because it’s right for you.

Here is just one more thing to think about – if your business has a high and low season, then you’ll probably want to start your SEO in the low season. This way, you are in a prime position during your high season to capture key traffic.

We can appraise your overall strategy and see in a totally objective way, if and how SEO should fit in.

Effective SEO starts here with utterly brilliant web design on the Costa blanca

Have you ever wondered why your customers don’t find you? It’s a known fact that 98.7% of buyers searching Google, will stay on the first page and make their buying decision there.

are you on page 2 or more? Forget it. You’ve just lost the business. Brutal, but true. You simply have to be on the first page, or you are wasting your time. We help you get up the Google rankings…

and that’s guaranteed!

We are based in Javea, and don’t just cover the area from Moraira to Denia, in fact we operate along the whole of the Costa Blanca and further. Take a look at our SEO

 Top Rankings = More searches = More sales

A new site launch is a big deal (this is your new shop window, after all), and yes, it DEFINITELY affects SEO. So, if you’re about to start an new SEO campaign, but you’ve known deep down for a while that your website desperately needs a facelift, take care of the site FIRST. New site launches at any time during an ongoing SEO campaign are a huge hindrance and can delay results significantly. Our methods ensure your site rankings will never be affected

SEO is not a quick fix! Effective SEO is a medium to long term marketing strategy and front page position will take around 3 months. There are no ‘special contacts’ at Google, no ‘magic’ buttons, and no amount of guarantees that can change this. Front page position is not guaranteed either. Anyone who does guarantee this is deluding themselves and you!


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