Website Management




…the art of navigating the rocky waters of security, updating and backing up,

and generally keeping your site running smoothly.

There are several questions you need to ask…

1. You maintain your health, so why not your website?

2. You maintain your car, so why not your website?

3. You maintain your house, so why not your website?

It makes sense!

The most common statement we hear is… “We don’t need it.”

Maybe we should at this point tell you what you get, then let’s see if you still feel that way!

1. Probably the most important part of running a website is backing it up. Things do from time to time, go wrong. If you have no backups, you simply lose your website and have to start again. With correct backups, your site can be restored and fully functional within an hour or so, minimising downtime and loss of revenue. We automate this process with backups to offline and off site locations, thus ensuring the safety of your data.

2. Individual pages sometimes need formatting and updating. We are happy to perform minor modifications to your site.

3. Theme updates. The whole look and feel of your site is controlled by a ‘theme’. This requires regular updating as the theme authors bring out new versions. It is imperative your theme is updated as normally updates are configured by the authors because of security issues. We have software installed on the system which tells us when updates are available. We ensure these are done immediately to keep your site secure.

4. Plugin updates. As for the theme above, plugins are also updated as necessary to keep your site secure.

5. We provide a complete analysis of your marketing and it’s effectiveness. We can provide analysis of competitor websites as well. It is most important you receive these reports because you can be sure your competitors are reading yours!

6. We can provide a statistical breakdown of visitors to your websites, demographically and numerically. This is useful to gauge effectiveness of any particular marketing campaigns you may be engaged in.

7. We can provide a monthly report of your sites position in Google. This is invaluable if you conducting an ongoing SEO campaign.

8. Link report. One of the most important aspects of SEO is the ability to increase on an ongoing basis, links into your site. We can provide statistics on the effectiveness of your campaign.

For complete peace of mind from only 50€ a month!

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